Dry Green Paan Mukhwas 180gm – Mouth Freshners, Mukhwas


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Introducing Dry Green Paan Mouth Freshener, an exceptional Indian mouth refreshment meticulously crafted from dried betel leaves, skillfully transformed into a fine powder. This distinctive blend is artfully infused with a symphony of sweet and savory ingredients, featuring elements such as coconut, nuts, and spices, and may also incorporate additional enhancements to elevate its taste and aroma.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Betel leaf
  2. Dhania dal (coriander seeds)
  3. Rose petal jam
  4. Cardamom powder
  5. Sodium

Key Benefits:

  • Comprising finely powdered dried betel leaves, it embodies the essence of a unique Indian mouth freshener.
  • Ideal for promoting digestion and revitalizing your breath post-meal.
  • Delicately flavored with a harmonious combination of sweet and savory components, including coconut, nuts, and spices, all enhanced with added elements for an enriched taste and aroma.
  • Acknowledged for its refreshing and soothing properties.

Directions for Use: Enjoy one spoonful after your meals.

Safety Information:

  • We recommend a thorough review of the label.
  • Store in a cool, dry, and hermetically sealed container, shielded from direct sunlight.
  • Best quality preserved for up to 12 months.
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