Alsi Flax Seeds 200gm–Promotes Weight Loss


Experience the goodness of Alsi Flax Seeds by ZAARAH Herbals. A natural choice for improved health and well-being.

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In the pursuit of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, one often seeks natural solutions that can have a transformative impact. Among these, Alsi Flax Seeds stand out as an unassuming yet powerful superfood. ZAARAH Herbals presents these seeds in their purest form, packed with a wealth of essential nutrients and health benefits. It encompasses anti-inflammatory properties & also maintains hormonal balance of the body.

Benifits of Alsi Flax Seeds

  • Alsi seeds promotes healthy hair, skin, eyes & nails. It guards the skin from dryness & flakiness.
  • Alsi seeds facilitates a healthy cardiovascular system & reduces the risk of heart attack & stroke.
  • Alsi seeds are helpful in improving the digestive functions of the body by promoting regular bowel movement.
  • Daily usage of Alsi seeds are beneficial in weight management.
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