Green Flavoured Mix Mouth Freshener – 180gm


Experience the refreshing taste of Green Flavoured Mix by ZAARAH Herbals. A delightful blend for lasting freshness and unique flavors.

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Introducing Green Flavored Mix Mouth Freshener, a meticulously crafted oral rejuvenation solution designed to breathe new life into your breath and cleanse your palate. This product serves as an exceptional choice post-meals or whenever you desire a revitalizing burst of freshness. Green Flavoured Mix Mouth Freshener boasts a harmonious blend of natural ingredients that delivers a delightful green, herbal flavor.

Key Ingredients:

  • Sugar,
  • fennel seeds
  • sugar-coated saunf (confectionery)
  • sugar balls

Key Benefits of Green Flavoured Mix:

  • Expertly neutralizes undesirable breath, ensuring a refreshed and invigorated mouth.
  • Its convenient, portable packaging guarantees effortless on-the-go use, ensuring you can freshen your breath at your convenience, wherever you may be.
  • An ideal companion for supporting digestion and breath revitalization following a meal.
  • Contributes to promoting optimal oral hygiene.

Directions for Use: Savor one spoonful after meals.

Safety Information:

  • We kindly urge you to carefully peruse the label.
  • Preserve in a cool, dry, and hermetically sealed container, sheltered from direct sunlight.
  • Maximum freshness maintained for up to 12 months.

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