Kaali Jeeri 200gm–Helps Fat Burning Effects


Discover the power of Kaali Jeeri (Black Cumin) with ZAARAH Herbals . A natural spice for wellness and vitality.

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It is also known as Black Cumin, is a versatile spice celebrated for its culinary and potential wellness properties. ZAARAH Herbals proudly offers Kaali Jeeri in its purest form, sourced and processed with care to retain its natural goodness.

Key Benefits of Kaali Jeeri:

  • It is highly effective in the treatment of parasitic infections including roundworm and tapeworm.
  • It is useful in treating gastrointestinal disorders including bloating, belching and intestinal gas.
  • It has fat-burning effects and it can be used to treat obesity.
  • It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and is useful for patients suffering from hyperglycaemia

Elevate your culinary creations and well-being with Kaali Jeeri. Add a touch of natural flavor and potential health benefits to your cooking, embracing the goodness of this celebrated spice.


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